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Medium Suitcase


Medium Suitcases are the growing trend in luggage for the experienced traveller! For European small rooms and small cars, medium-sized softside suitcases are the bags of choice. Read more here, as they are easier to carry off and on trains, and down subway steps. However for trips requiring extra volume, durability or protection, the hardside polypropylene suitcases are preferred, the expand further, and can take rough treatment.   Both softside and hardside medium suitcases are also popular, because when fully packed rarely exceed 20KG, which is good for “20kg baggage limit” Budget Flights! 

Recommendation:  For wheel strength, volume and durability, the expanding hardside medium VOLAIR Zurich suitcases, made from polypropylene, with special Japanese Hinomoto Wheels.

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  1. EXPANDERS: As choosing a medium suitcase restricts your Packing Capacity, ensure your medium suitcase has an expander zip, so it can expand to provide that extra volume you might need. Most modern medium hardside bags have large 360 degree expanders, which nearly provide them the volume of a small large suitcase.
  2. BASE EXPANDERS: All Softside suitcases can expand a little, although traditional designs often expand at the top, so when full, cause them to be unbalanced and “fall on their face”. Look for medium softside suitcases with Base Expanders, which expand at the base of the bag = lowering the centre of gravity, and making them more stable. EG. The DELPHIN Caspian 2 or the VOLAIR FORTE 4.
  3. INTERNAL POCKETS: To assist with reduced packing capacity in medium suitcases, choose medium bags with multiple internal pockets, to enable tighter smarter packing.
  4. COMPRESSION BAGS & COMPRESSION PACKING CUBES: Maximise your space in your medium suitcase, via using Korjo Compression bags to shrink down sweaters and other large clothing.  Or opt for more stylish Compression cubes from Eagle Creek or Zoomlite.