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Luggage Sets


Become a true travel professional with a complete luggage set of your favourite suitcases, like the stunning French designed, Delsey Chatelet Air 2.0.

Have the perfect suitcase or combination of suitcases for every trip.  With some luggage sets, like the Chatelet, you can then accessorise, with a matching beauty case, backpack, tote bag, or a weekender. Or expand your luggage set with a medium or large Trunk suitcase.

If a family, a set of expanding suitcases may be needed to fit it all in.  Also when all the same colour and style, the suitcases are easier to locate on the baggage carousel.  Also a 3 piece set often works well for the traveling couple, with one needing the large suitcase, while the other only needs the medium.

RECOMMENDATION: Research the suitcase best for you, and then invest in the 3 piece luggage set to cover future trips, and often save money.

(call 1300LUGGAGE and ask for a discount, or a good price on the combination of suitcases you want in your luggage set)

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  1. AVOID ABS: If choosing a set of hardside suitcases, research what material they are made of. IE. ABS, ABS/PC, PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene).  Fully packed large and medium suitcases can be heavy, and when thrown by baggage handlers,  ABS material bags are more prone to crack.  Pure polycarbonate is much stronger, as is polypropylene, which also flexes when hit.
  2. EXPANDERS: Before travelling  with a set of expanded suitcases, check your “packed” weights, as excess baggage fees in some countries will hurt you.  It is worth investing in a small luggage scale (your foreign hotel won’t have bathroom scales).
  3. LITRES:  Especially when shopping online for a set of suitcases, it is very confusing with all the L and cm measurements.  For understanding how much each suitcase in your set can hold, always compare LITRES (L). EG. A 3 piece set of Volair Zurich suitcases can expand to a packing volume of 283L, VERSES a 3 piece set of Samsonite C-Lite large suitcase only has a total packing volume of 227 L!
  4. BASE EXPANDERS: All Softside suitcases can expand a little, although traditional designs often expand at the top, so when full, cause them to be unbalanced and “fall on their face”.Look for sets of softside suitcases with Base Expanders, which expand at the base of the bag = lowering the centre of gravity, and making them more stable. EG. The DELPHIN Caspian 2 or the VOLAIR FORTE 4
  5. SMART SLEAVES: A 3 piece set of softside luggage with a smart sleave, enables you to push all 3 suitcases with just one hand!  How? Some softside cabin bags, have a smart sleave on the back, to enable you to slide it on top of a larger suitcase.  When traveling with a set of 4 wheel luggage, you can put the carry-on suitcase on top of the medium suitcase, and then put the medium bag “back to back” with the large suitcase, and push all 3 suitcases with just one hand.  EG. American Tourister Applite Eco, Delphin Caspian 2, Volair Forte 4.