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Hardside Luggage


Hard luggage, hardcase Luggage or hardside luggage is now the preferred option for travellers! This trend is due to hardside suitcases having:

  • No outside pockets where theft or unwanted additions can occur
  • Water-resistance when caught in the rain, sleet or snow
  • Protection of the pull-up trolley handle by the hard shell
  • Protection of valuables when being handled by baggage handlers
  • Packing Capacity of hard suitcases with an expansion zip can be huge.

Softside Luggage is still popular with experienced travellers, because Hardside suitcases do open like clams, and hence require more space when opened in small rooms. Also hardside suitcases require more boot space in Driving Holidays are generally heavier. However, Samsonite Curv Technology hardsides are actually lighter than most softside suitcases.

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  1. AVOID ABS: If choosing a large hardside suitcase, research what material it is made of. IE. ABS, ABS/PC, PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene).  Fully packed large suitcases can be heavy, and when thrown by baggage handlers, large ABS material bags are more prone to crack.  Pure polycarbonate is much stronger, as is polypropylene, which also flexes when hit.
  2. SPARE PARTS: Only buy hard suitcases from luggage Brands, who hold spare parts in Australia, and have a network of assessors & repairers, to honour their suitcase warranties.  It is upsetting to dispose of a good hardside suitcase, because a wheel was broken, by a baggage handler.  NB. Luggage Direct ONLY stocks suitcase Brands, with Warranty Support & Spare Parts in Australia.
  3. EXPANDERS: Before travelling  with an expanded large suitcase, check your “packed” weight, as excess baggage fees in some countries will hurt you.  It is worth investing in a small luggage scale (your foreign hotel won’t have bathroom scales)
  4. LITRES:  Especially when shopping online for a large hard suitcase, it is very confusing with all the L and cm measurements.  For understanding how much a large hardside suitcase holds, always compare the expanded volume in LITRES (L). EG. A large 78cm Volair Zurich hardside suitcase expands to a packing volume of 140L, VERSES an 81cm Samsonite Proxis large hard suitcase only has a packing volume of 124 L!  (although it is 3 cm taller, it doesn’t have an expander zip)
  5. INTERNAL POCKETS: As hardside suitcases do not have external pockets for packing, ensure there are multiple internal pockets, to enable smarter packing, for easier locating.