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Hardside Luggage

Hardcase Luggage or hardside luggage is now the preferred option for travelers! This trend is due to hardside suitcases having:

  • No outside pockets where theft or unwanted additions can occur
  • Water-resistance when caught in the rain, sleet or snow
  • Protection of the pull-up trolley handle by the hard shell
  • Protection of valuables when being handled by baggage handlers

Hardside suitcases do open like clams, and hence require more space when opened. Also hardside suitcases are generally heavier and require more boot space in Driving Holidays. However, Samsonite Curv Technology hardsides are actually lighter than most softsides.

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Lightweight Hard Case Luggage

For a solid, durable and robust luggage option our lightweight hard case luggage pieces are the solution for any on the go traveller. With their tough outer shell, enjoy the peace of mind that your fragile items are protected against weight and pressure from other cargo in the baggage hold. With  360-degree pivoting wheels, enjoy navigating through narrow aisles or gliding through airport terminals with ease. Available in traditional stylish colours or more colourful statement pieces, our hard case luggage options available at Luggage Direct include something to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

Hard Suitcases Australia

Equipped with a range of smart features, if you’re searching for hard suitcases in Australia at great prices, Luggage Direct have a range of lightweight and durable hard suitcases in styles to suit all types of travellers from some of the biggest international brands in the luggage business, brands such as Samsonite, Antler, Volair as well as other brand names. Their tough outer shell made from materials tested for their performance will withstand weight and pressure, making them the perfect partner for all types of trips.

Cheap Hard Case Luggage

Forget having to spend hundreds of dollars on quality durable luggage pieces. Our cheap hard case luggage options are extremely affordable, but built with quality in mind. Made from a variety of robust materials including polycarbonate, their tough exterior will withstand both weight and pressure when on the road. Each with 360 degree rotating wheels, manoeuvre with confidence whatever space you are in, or surface you are on.