Samsonite has markedly upgraded the Octolite to the bigger and better OC2LITE!  The Samsonite designers have deliberately put a “2” in Oc2lite’s name, because of these 2 major upgrades:

  • EXPANDERS = each Oc2lite suitcase now has an expander zip, to allow you to pack more in!
  • SECURITY ZIPS = each Oc2lite suitcase now has anti-theft double zips, to keep your belongings safe!

In addition to these 2 key upgrades, the Samsonite engineers have remedied Octolite’s “hinge” issue by re-introducing feet next to the hinge to protect it from wear.  Oc2lite retains Octolite’s stunning “Star Wars” like image, as well as remaining super light and strong, from its polypropylene (PP) structure.  The Samsonite Oc2lite is the perfect range of suitcases for the practical traveller, who wants quality, security, packing volume, durability and the confidence of Samsonite’s 10 year international warranty.

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