Delsey Luggage

For those who appreciate luggage with style, the Parisian feel of Delsey Luggage is unmistakable. Delsey luggage strives to be unique. From the fibre of the materials selected, for each functional part of a Delsey suitcase, through to the style and panache of the French design, each piece of Delsey luggage is a work of art.

Recommendations: The classic romance of an angora white or chocolate Chatelet Air, has been enhanced in 2020, with the addition of a stunning green Chatelet Air with black highlights.   

If you like everything to match, then enjoy the elegant Montrouge suitcase range with matching beauty case tote, reporter bag, and toiletry bag.

For the serious traveller looking for practicality and durability, as well as beauty then explore the features of the Delsey Clavel “uncrackable” polypropylene suitcases.  Enjoy the stunning new Delsey Clavel 2020 colours.

About Delsey Luggage

For those who appreciate luggage and style, the Parisian feel of Delsey luggage is unmistakable.

"Luggage is not only a container but also a companion on life's journey, a constant companion that carries our emotions and images of our travels." -Xavier, Desley designer.

Delsey Innovations: 

The success of Delsey Luggage, since its inception in 1946 during world war 2, is due to unique French style and the innovation of Delsey's engineers.  Delsey suitcases are usually light weight, strong & secure. the success of Delsey Luggage since 1946 is also attributed to innovation. Delsey suitcases are usually large at the base, becoming more slender to the top, giving extra stability. Via design and material selection each range is exceptionally light, while remaining strong to withstand the ravages of baggage handlers.

Delsey security is not only preventing theft from your suitcase, but also the prevention of criminals adding contraband or drugs into your bag, via a weak single tooth zip.

All large & medium Delsey suitcases have the famous, Securi-Tech zips = 1 Zipper with 2 zips. Delsey’s ingenious double zip technology stops criminals breaching the security of your suitcase.

The key feature of Delsey Luggage is image. The Traveller has to be proud to glide through the airport or hotel foyer with their personally selected suitcase and this is why Delsey of Paris is a pre-eminent internationally successful luggage manufacturer.


Delsey Luggage