Antler Luggage

Antler Luggage represents 100 years of Great British design. The quality, reliability and support of Antler luggage in Australia has made it one of the most loved luggage brands in the country. The appeal of Antler luggage is enhanced by its professional marketing and support of iconic Australian sporting teams, horse racing and the Girl in a Million charity quest.

Recommended softside: Antler Oxygen with bold colour ranges, large volumes, low weights and extra strong Japanese Hinomoto wheels!

Recommended hardside: Antler JUNO 2 with its impact resistant, polypropylene shell, stunning 3 dimensional design, and stark bold colour ranges, Antler Juno is exceptional value for money.

Be bold and stylish, and make a statement with your luggage, without breaking the bank…check out the latest Antler luggage ranges!

About Antler Luggage

Antler Luggage

Antler luggage is famous British luggage brand that has been designing premium travel luggage and holiday luggage for over 90 years.

After crafting saddles and leather goods for decades, the British designer produced the first piece of Antler luggage in 1914 and from then on became one the most loved and trusted brands today.  The company name and signature symbol was inspired by the designer’s son interest in wildlife.

Antler has maintained its leading position and likeable brand through listening to the needs of its customers. Antler Luggage in Australia are recognised for their exceptional quality, innovation and well-designed products. Antler is also famous for lightweight luggage and throughout the years have been the forefront of manufacturing lightest suitcases in the world.

Our soft Antler luggage collection is ideal for short getaways and to keep your belongings safe and secure. So when you’re shopping for luggage in Australia consider Antler luggage.