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American Tourister

AMERICAN TOURISTER is the most young, fun, vibrant luggage brand in the world.  Whether you use it’s abbreviated names A.T. or AT, or the full American Tourister title, the modern traveller instantly recognises it as dependable quality luggage, backpacks, duffles and accessories, at highly competitive prices.  As Samsonite’s mid-range brand, American Tourister can provide customers with the added security of a world-wide warranty, on all it’s suitcases. 

A classic example of American Tourister design success is the Applite model. With its brilliant colours, attractive design and practical super light strength, the Applite is now in it’s 5th version, the American Tourister Applite 4.0 ECO.  American Tourister is expanding this pedigree of fun, colour and practicality into an ever changing array of American Tourister hardside suitcases, backpacks, packing cubes, duffle bags and suit carriers.  Since 1933, American Tourister has been a force in the world of luggage, and it still remains a cutting edge luggage brand today.

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American Tourister Has been making quality luggage at reasonable prices since 1933, when in the midst of the great depression its founder started selling suitcases for $1.

In 1993 Samsonite acquired American Tourister and reinvented it world wide into the young, fun bright luggage brand we know today. With the current ranges of bright colourful Applite 4.0 ECO, Curio 2.0, Curio Book Opening, Airconic, and Light Max suitcases, there will be an even larger new generation of travellers who love their American Tourister suitcases.

Travel should be fun! And with American Tourister luggage, it is! Who wants plain black suitcases? Who can find them on the baggage carousel? Everyone can see the bright colours and practical style of an American Tourister suitcase. A suitcase you want to be seen with.

In addition, American Tourister is a part of the Samsonite corporation, and provides a world wide Manufacturer’s Warranty on all its suitcases, and carries spare parts here in Australia.