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Business Backpacks


In the era of Work From Home, what is a business backpack? 

Any backpack, which can hold your laptop, tablet, or business needs, is now a business backpack.  Run your business, while holidaying in South America, with a Pacsafe Go Anti-Theft 15L SECURITY business backpack.  Enter the CBD corporate offices of your client, wearing a stunning cognac genuine leather Samsonite Classic business backpack.  Use your elegant Delsey Chatelet business backpack all day, and continue wearing it as you go out for drinks tonight.  Or lug your big 17’ laptop, texts and lunch to work in a huge 42 Litre Caribee Komodo business backpack, and empty it out to go hiking on the weekend.

Recommendation: For style, durability and features the Samsonite range of business backpacks, is unsurpassed.

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  1. Hedgren Vogue 11.7L RFID XL Backpack Black
    Special Price $167.30 RRP $239.00
  2. Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Large Backpack Black 89431
    Special Price $89.00 RRP $149.00
  3. Antler Chelsea Large Laptop Backpack Blush
    Special Price $174.00 RRP $249.00
  4. Delsey Chatelet AIR 2.0 Backpack Angora
    Special Price $215.00 RRP $359.00
  5. Delsey Chatelet AIR 2.0 Backpack Chocolate
    Special Price $215.00 RRP $359.00
  6. Delsey Chatelet AIR 2.0 Backpack Navy Blue
    Special Price $215.00 RRP $359.00

Items 1-20 of 52

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