RFID-Safe Products

RFID-safe products are devices, passport holders, wallets and travel bags which can block thieves from scanning the chips in your credit Cards and passport.

Recommendation: Pacsafe incorporate this technology into their range of safety travel bags and backpacks.

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About RFID-Safe Products

You need RFID Protection

Anti theft travel accessories and luggage.

Credit Cards, Wallets and other precious luggage need to be safe and anti-theft. RFID safe products can keep your things safe even when you are not paying attention to these things. They provide your things safety against theft. They come with suitability for a huge range of bags and cases allowing you to travel without worrying.

Why is RFID blocking technology products so important?

The chip in your credit card and the chip in your passport contains vital information on your identity and finances. Criminals around the world can now SCAN your electronic chips at greater and greater distances, and steal your "identity" and use it to steal from your bank accounts.

RFID-Blocking products have a thin layer of metal to stop criminals scanning your credit card and passport chips.

Types of RFID blocking products.

Recommendation: For in your wallet or handbag, have your credit cards and passports in a "Defender" Sleeve. Korjo Passport Defender & Korjo Credit Card Defender. 

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