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Confidently avoid "excess baggage" fees, by using accurate luggage scales to ensure your suitcase and carry-on luggage comply with your airline's baggage limits.

Luggage Direct offers 2 quality luggage scale options.

The Ohaus 50 kg handheld digital scale and the Lojel 50 kg handheld digital scale

Digital scales are much preferred over the traditional mechanical scale with a metal hook. The mechanical scales can become quite inaccurate if their spring mechanism is overstretched, or the spring mechanism becomes corroded or rusted. Whereas the digital scale is much more accurate and less susceptible to physical damage.

In addition, the 2 digital scale options offered by Luggage Direct all have straps to attach to the bag and not a hook. A hook could be sharp and damage your suitcase or even worse, be declared dangerous and taken off you.


Luggage Direct recommends the Ohaus 50 KG portable digital luggage scales. Unlike other scales, which are produced by travel accessory companies, Ohaus is a worldwide professional scale company. Ohaus manufactures and markets the full range of weighing instruments, from tiny analytical balances, through to giant industrial scales to weigh trucks!

The Ohaus scale is accurate and has a full hand grip for when weighing fully packed large suitcases.

Summary: When you are packing your suitcase to come home and all your shopping is looking heavy, you will be very glad you invested in a set of small lightweight, digital luggage scales.