What is the lightest Luggage?

Cabin Suitcase


If you were weighing your cabin suitcase, and it was heavier than 2.5kg - then IT IS HEAVY!


A good quality soft-side cabin bag should weigh between 1.5 to 2.5kg!


If it is a hard-side suitcase, then it should be less than 3kg.


With cabin bag weight restrictions being 7kg on most Australian domestic economy flights, then the new soft-side 1.5kg "72 Hours" cabin bag by Samsonite allows you 5.5kg of luggage!  This enables the light packer to do a "WALK-ON WALK-OFF". In other words, you won't have to check-in any luggage, just carry everything in your cabin bag, and avoid waiting at the baggage carousel.  If you are on a budget, there are also new light-weight cabin bags in a range of modern colours for less than $80. For example, the Lite by IT Luggage is only 1.6kg.


The added security and protection of a hard-side suitcase has the downside of extra weight, with most budget hard-side cabin bags weighing 3kg or more.  A quality bag should weigh about 2.5kg. For example, the 2.4 Kg Antler Juno.  However, if you want the lightest and best hard-side carry-on luggage, then there is the amazing Curv Technology suitcases from Samsonite, the 1.9 Kg Samsonite Firelite and the 1.8kg Samsonite Cosmolite


Large Suitcase


A quality modern large suitcase stands approximately 80cm tall (including wheels) and weighs between 2.7 to 3.7kg for a soft-side suitcase, and between 3 to 4.5KG. With most airline economy passengers having a 23kg weight restriction, every 100 grams becomes vital. A 200 gram lighter bag might allow you to pack those extra shoes for the trip! For example, Antler has just released its new soft-side large 80cm Antler Aire suitcase at only 2.7kg. 


For the more budget-conscious, there is the new larger IT Luggage St. Kitts at 2.9kg. 


Again, if you want the lightest and best hard-side suitcase there is the amazing 81cm Lite-Shock suitcase from Samsonite, at only 2.8kg with a capacity of 124 litres! 


Medium Suitcase


There is a growing trend for travellers to opt for a medium suitcase, over a large. Why? The three main reasons revolve around weight!


1. You can often over-pack a medium suitcase and remain below the standard 23 kg economy flight restriction.


2. If you select a budget flight, they often restrict you to 20kg.  Hence a medium bag is better.


3. Nowadays many travellers are older single females who don't want a large heavy suitcase.