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Softside Luggage


Soft luggage, softcase Luggage or softside luggage is still the preferred option for many experienced travellers! This is due to softside suitcases having:

  • Easy access external pockets, for coats, novels, and laptops, while passing through Security, and for airport layovers.
  • Simple “flip-up lid” access in small rooms, for packing and unpacking.
  • Greater flexibility, when being squeezed into car boots, on fly/drive holidays.
  • Lighter weights, than hardside suitcases, especially as Carry-On luggage.


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  1. BASE EXPANDERS: All Softside suitcases can expand a little, although traditional designs often expand at the top, so when full, cause them to be unbalanced and “fall on their face”. Look for softside suitcases with Base Expanders, which expand at the base of the bag = lowering the centre of gravity, and making them more stable. EG. The DELPHIN Caspian 2 or the VOLAIR FORTE 4.
  2. INTERNAL POCKETS: To assist with locating items in suitcases when travelling, choose soft bags with multiple internal pockets, to enable smarter packing, for easier locating.
  3. SMART SLEAVES: Select a softside cabin bag with a Smart Sleave.  This allows you to slide it on top of your larger suitcase, enabling you to wheel a whole set of luggage with just one hand.
  4. SPARE PARTS: Only buy soft suitcases from luggage Brands, who hold spare parts in Australia, and have a network of assessors & repairers, to honour their suitcase warranties.  It is upsetting to dispose of a good softside suitcase, because a wheel was broken, by a baggage handler.  NB. Luggage Direct ONLY stocks suitcase Brands, with Warranty Support & Spare Parts in Australia.
  5. LITRES:  Especially when shopping online for a softside suitcase, it is very confusing with all the L and cm measurements.  For understanding how much a soft suitcase holds, always compare the expanded volume in LITRES (L). EG. A large Volair Forte 4 softside suitcase expands to a packing volume of 122L, VERSES a large Samsonite B-Lite 5 soft suitcase only has a packing volume of 114 L!