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Large Suitcase


Australia is a long way from everywhere, so Australians need very large suitcases to pack more in, for trips that take multiple weeks.. With most flights limited to 23KG, they also need to pack a luggage scale, as a Large Suitcase can vary in packing volume from ~98 L to over 150 L and in “bag alone” weight from ~2.7 Kg to over 5KG. Carrier damage is common, so Aussies must focus on wheel and zip strength, and on trolly handle protection.

Zips = Delsey and Volair Brand suitcases have strong double or double tooth security zips, to prevent access.

Wheels = trust quality brands like Samsonite and Delsey, or look for bags with Japanese Hinomoto wheels, like Volair.

Trolley Handle Protection = The pull-up handles are well protected inside the shell of large hardside suitcases.  However most softside suitcases offer little protection.

Recommendation: If you need space for your shopping, invest in large hardside expanding polypropylene suitcases. EG. American Tourister Light Max (144 L), Delphin Del Mar (131 L), Delsey Clavel (136 L)

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  1. AVOID ABS: If choosing a large hardside suitcase, research what material it is made of. IE. ABS, ABS/PC, PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene).  Fully packed large suitcases can be heavy, and when thrown by baggage handlers, large ABS material bags are more prone to crack.  Pure polycarbonate is much stronger, as is polypropylene, which also flexes when hit.
  2. EXPANDERS: Before travelling  with an expanded large suitcase, check your “packed” weight, as excess baggage fees in some countries will hurt you.  It is worth investing in a small luggage scale (your foreign hotel won’t have bathroom scales)
  3. LITRES:  Especially when shopping online for a large suitcase, it is very confusing with all the L and cm measurements.  For understanding how much a large suitcase holds, always compare LITRES (L). EG. A large 78cm Volair Zurich suitcase expands to a packing volume of 140L, VERSES an 81cm Samsonite Proxis large suitcase only has a packing volume of 124 L!  (although it is 3 cm taller, it doesn’t have an expander zip)
  4. BASE EXPANDERS: All Softside suitcases can expand a little, although traditional designs often expand at the top, so when full, cause them to be unbalanced and “fall on their face”. Look for large softside suitcases with Base Expanders, which expand at the base of the bag = lowering the centre of gravity, and making them more stable. EG. The DELPHIN Caspian 2 or the VOLAIR FORTE 4.
  5. INTERNAL POCKETS: To assist with locating items in large suitcases when travelling, choose large bags with multiple internal pockets, to enable smarter packing, for easier locating.