Carry-On Cabin Luggage

Carry-on Cabin Luggage has evolved into a science! With strict size and weight limits, that vary between the airlines, the traveler must know the weight and dimensions of their bag before the attempt to carry it on! “WALK ON – WALK OFF” is the new concept of flying with only your cabin luggage, so you don’t waste any time checking luggage in or waiting at the carousel. As of 2016 most domestic and international flights limits = 7KG + bag dimesions of 115cm linear (H+W+D) Hence the lighter the bag, the more luggage you can pack!

Recommendation: 4 wheeled Samsonite Uplite SPL = 1.8KG = 5.2KG of packing weight available!

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Carry On Luggage

Get an all-in-one, light-weight international carry on luggage for your next trip. Carry on luggage is an important consideration in your travels, this particular type of luggage needs to be functional, yet has to meet the size requirements of today’s airlines.  Carry on luggage are designed to be placed in overhead storage bins and fit underneath the airline passenger seats. Generally, the size of carry on luggage doesn’t exceed 56cm. 


Carry on luggage are normally used for short journeys but can be used to accompany your check in suitcase.  Its best to check with the airline for carry on size requirements as each airline differs. The size of the carry on baggage will depend on the type of airplane. At Luggage direct you will discover that we have an extensive selection of carry on luggage to match your personal style, budget and travel needs.


Cabin Luggage

Cabin luggage is a bag that you take on board your flight or train. Generally, passengers are only allowed to carry on a limited number of hand baggage with you on the plane.  Cabin luggage can come in form of backpacks, laptop bags, and suitcases. Most of our cabin luggage is designed to be practical, comfortable to handle, and come with innovative storage features. It is important to note that baggage allowance varies on which airline you book with, so please check with your airline before committing to buy any cabin luggage. You can normally find the baggage allowance guidelines on the airline websites.