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Carry-On Cabin Luggage

Carry-On Cabin Luggage

Whether you are travelling overseas or jetting off for a weekend getaway, Luggage Direct has the perfect carry-on luggage for you!  From the glamourous superlight 1.7 kg Samsonite Cosmolite, through to a versatile 0.8 kg Australian designed BlackWolf Aeron 20L urban laptop backpack, Luggage Direct has the suitcase or bag, to meet your specific needs.

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  1. Tosca So Lite 3.0 Onboard Tote Carry On Bag Teal
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REMEMBER: Check with your airline regarding their specific size and weight restrictions for carry-on luggage.
Generally, most airlines restrict you to a 115cm linear carry-on suitcase. IE. The Height from the ground + Width + Breadth should add up to 115cm or less. Most luggage manufacturers build to this size.
Generally, most airlines restrict you to a total of 7 kg including the weight of the suitcase.

Two-Wheel Carry-on Suitcases

For those who do not mind dragging their carry-on suitcase, the two wheel carry-on suitcase is still a practical option, because the wheels do not protrude like the four wheel carry-on suitcases do, so they fit more neatly in the overhead locker. Also the two wheel carry-on suitcase sits lower to the ground, often giving you more volume for the same height. For example, the American Tourister Applite 50cm carry-on two wheel suitcase is only 50cm tall and 1.8 kg in weight, but has a volume of 38L!


Two-Wheel Carry-on Backpacks

For the traveller who likes to have their hands free, there are two-wheel carry-on backpacks.  This more casual look, is preferred by outdoor travellers, with two-wheel carry-on backpacks like the High Sierra Composite VS 56cm wheeled duffle with backpack straps.  However Samsonite provides a business option with the Samsonite Casual Laptop two-wheeled cabin backpack, at only 2 KG for 38L.


Four-Wheel Carry-on Suitcases

For comfort and for wheeling with larger suitcases, the four-wheel carry-on suitcase is the most popular.  The trolley handle of the four-wheel carry-on cabin suitcases can extend up to the same height as the medium and large four-wheel suitcases, so you can put them “back to back”, and push 2 suitcases with just one hand! Allowing you to keep you other hand free to carry a child, or hold you tickets etc.  Also you can revert to dragging them on two wheels if the terrain gets rough.

In general, the four-wheel carry-on softside suitcases are lighter than the hardside options, and usually have convenient external pockets, for quick access to tickets, passports, books etc.


Four-Wheel Carry-on Suitcases with SMART SLEAVES

A SMART SLEAVE is a sleave or a strap, sewn on the back of a softside suitcase or bag, to allow it to be carried on top of a larger suitcase.  This is very beneficial when your larger bag is a two-wheel suitcase or two-wheeled duffle. That is, you can carry your four-wheel cabin bag on top of the larger bag and drag the lot with just one hand!  For example, the Delphin Cruise 2 four-wheel carry-on, the Delphin Caspian four-wheel cabin bag, and the higher quality Volair Forte 2 four-wheel carry on.


Four-Wheel Carry-on Suitcases with a flip open laptop compartment

For the business traveller stuck in airports for hours, the rapid access to one's laptop and documents is a huge bonus.  Lojel invented the concept with the Lucid cabin suitcase with the front opening laptop compartment and then improved on it with the Lojel Cubo carry-on cabin bag.


Business Carry-on Totes and Mobile Offices

Samsonite and Antler provide an extensive range of Business Bags designed for carry-on luggage.  Most carry-on cabin Business Tote Bags have a convenient business area in the front pockets, and a larger area for personal belongings.  While the carry-on cabin business mobile offices, have mostly internal pocketing for laptops and files.


Business Carry-on Backpacks

Samsonite and American Tourister provide a clever range of business backpacks, suitable for carry-on luggage.  Most have laptop compartments and are designed for modern technology,  and many have a “smart sleeve” to allow you to slide your backpack over your suitcase.


Security Carry-on Backpacks

International travellers venturing into “exciting” destinations, often prefer to opt for a security backpack from brands such as Pacsafe, Travelon and Pierre Cardin.  They have all the convenience of a normal backpack, but with the RFID Blocking capacity to protect the electronic chips in their credit cards and passports.   In addition, they offer slash proof capabilities, and intricate security locking mechanisms, to keep you safe.


Carry-on Backpacks

Despite all the above-specialised options, many travellers still prefer the convenience of a simple backpack for carry-on cabin luggage.  Luggage Direct are constantly upgrading their backpack brands and models, to provide you with a comprehensive range of carry-on backpack options.  Please peruse our range of Samsonite, BlackWolf, Caribee, High Sierra, American Tourister, Explore Planet Earth, Pacsafe, Travelon, Pierre Cardin backpacks.