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4 Wheel Luggage


4 Wheel Luggage now dominates the Australian luggage scene!  Especially the easy gliding 4x DUAL wheeled suitcases. 

No more dragging heavy suitcases and incurring sore shoulders and backs!  Simply glide through the crowds pushing a 4 wheeler. Also most 4 wheel suitcases, regardless of size, can be pushed “back to back”, hence manoeuvring 2 suitcases through a crowd, using ONLY ONE HAND! And when in a long queue, simply nudge your 4 wheel bag along with your knee.

Recommendation: Minimise carrier damage by investing in major brands like Samsonite and Delsey with strong wheels, or seek out suitcases with extra strong Japanese Hinomoto wheels, like Volair.

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  1. WHEELING: Try to minimise “dragging” your 4 wheel suitcase, otherwise  it can result in un-even wearing of the wheels. The modern 4 dual wheeled suitcases, are designed to glide smoothly at your side, or to glide in front of you to “part” the crowd.
  2. SMART SLEAVES: Even if you have hardside large suitcases, consider selecting a softside cabin bag with a Smart Sleave.  This allows you to slide it on top of your larger suitcase, enabling you to wheel a whole set of luggage with just one hand.
  3. SPARE PARTS: Only buy 4 wheel suitcases from luggage Brands, who hold spare parts in Australia, and have a network of assessors & repairers, to honour their suitcase warranties.  It is upsetting to dispose of a good suitcase, because a wheel was broken, by a baggage handler.  NB. Luggage Direct ONLY stocks suitcase Brands, with Warranty Support & Spare Parts in Australia.