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2 Wheel Luggage


2 Wheel Luggage has now largely been replaced by the easy 4 wheel gliding suitcases. However, the 2 wheel bags are still the suitcase of choice for rough terrain! Or if you intend to drag your case for multiple km on cobblestones.

Many 2 wheel luggage fans, have migrated to 2 wheel outdoor duffles, like the Delphin Corfu wheeled duffle bags, and wheeled backpacks such as the High Sierra Composite wheeled backpacks.

Recommendation:  For a 2 wheel cabin bag, invest in the light Tosca So-Lite 2 wheeled suitcase, and for serious trips to the snow, invest in the high quality Osprey Transporter.

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  1. SMART SLEAVES: Select a 2 wheel cabin bag with a Smart Sleave.  This allows you to slide it on top of your larger suitcase, enabling you to wheel a whole set of luggage with just one hand.
  2. SPARE PARTS: Only buy suitcases from luggage Brands, who hold spare parts in Australia, and have a network of assessors & repairers, to honour their suitcase warranties.  It is upsetting to dispose of a good 2 wheel suitcase, or 2 wheeled duffle because a the trolley handle is broken, by a baggage handler.  NB. Luggage Direct ONLY stocks suitcase and outdoor Brands, with Warranty Support & Spare Parts in Australia.
  3. 2 WHEELED BACKPACK HARNESS: If you opt for an outdoor 2 wheeled backpack, be clear how often you will actually have the bag on your back.  If it is used as a backpack for just short periods, up & down stairs etc, then a simple 2 wheeled backpack like the High Sierra Composite range of wheeled backs is fine. However if doing serious hiking then ensure your 2 wheel backpack has a full harness with hip straps, to get the weight off your neck and shoulders, like the Caribee Adventure wheeled backpack.