Luggage Direct offers a fantastic range of suitcases that help choosing your suitcase a fun step in your holiday travel preparations. Here at Luggage Direct we know that there isn't a one size fits all approach when it comes to picking suitcases, which is why we offer a large range of luggage to ensure you find an option that perfectly suits your needs!

Quick Guide To Selecting A Suitcase – ask three simple questions:
Q1. Hard or soft?
Q2. Cabin, medium, large or a whole set?
Q3. Weight, volume, wheels and zips that are best for how often you travel and where you travel to?

At the end of the day, always buy the bag that you like!

What's new with Suitcases?

Over the past 2 years there has been 3 major influences on selecting luggage. 

1. Wheels: Traditionally with 2 wheeled luggage the traveller "dropped their shoulder" and pushed through the crowd dragging their suitcase, which was very unsatisfactory for ladies. now with 4 wheel spinner suitcases the traveller is "armed and dangerous". They can push the suitcase ahead of them, knifing through the crowd. Also when in a queue, they can simply "nudge' their suitcase along with ease!

2. Expanding Zip: Traditionally the capacity of a suitcase was set. But with expanding zips, both softside and hardside suitcases can be expanded on demand to accomadate that extra shopping as needed. This is especially so with the IT Luggage hardside suitcases now being able to expand to 150 Litres when needed.

3. Weight: With the imposition of stricter weight limits on airline luggage, the weight of a suitcase becomes a vital consideration. Normally a softside case will be lighter, hence allowing the traveller to pack more luggage and stay under the weight limit. However Samsonite's new Curv material hardsides - Cosmolite, Firelite and Cubelite are as light as a softside, and more impact resistant than most hardsides.