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Luggage Direct offers a fantastic range of suitcases to assist you in selecting the suitcase that meets your needs! 


Which suitcase for which adventure?  Your personal suitcase is an integral part of any enjoyable trip!  When travelling, your suitcase becomes a vital part of your IMAGE, your SECURITY, your COMFORT, and can impact adversely on your ENJOYMENT!  So Yes, select your personal suitcase with great thought and care, as it will hopefully be with you for many years to come!



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With our current security concerns, and the time demands on baggage handlers causing mis-handling, the suitcase trend is definitely toward the hardside suitcase. Actual cracking of a hard suitcase is relatively rare as long as you invest in a respected suitcase brand, such as Samsonite, Delsey, Antler and American Tourister. However many experienced travellers are returning to the softside suitcase. The softside suitcase is generally much lighter to lift, and opens much easier in small rooms, than the “clam opening” hardside suitcase. The softside suitcase also squashes into the back of a small hire car more easily, and outside pockets are handy, especially on your cabin suitcase!


Commercially most suitcases are designed with airline restrictions in mind. The SMALL suitcase is 115cm linear or smaller to be your carry-on cabin suitcase. The MEDIUM suitcase when full is designed to weigh less than 20 Kg, for budget flights. While the LARGE suitcase when full is designed to weigh approximately 23KG. Also now both hardside and softside suitcases often have expanders, for the serious shopper! Your desired suitcase size changes from adventure to adventure, so Luggage Direct always offers a financial incentive to buy the whole set!


Over the past 2 years there has been 3 major influences on selecting luggage. 

  1. Wheels: Traditionally with 2 wheeled luggage the traveller "dropped their shoulder" and pushed through the crowd dragging their suitcase, which was very unsatisfactory for ladies. now with 4 wheel spinner suitcases the traveller is "armed and dangerous". They can push the suitcase ahead of them, knifing through the crowd. Also when in a queue, they can simply "nudge' their suitcase along with ease!       Also with baggage handler damage to wheels, often not being covered by airlines or warranties, travellers are also    investing in suitcases with extra strong Japanese Hinomoto wheels.  EG. The Volair Forte 4 softside suitcases, and the Volair Zurich hardside suitcases.


  2. Expanding Zips: Traditionally only softside suitcases expanded to give you more packing capacity.  However now, most quality hardside suitcases have central 360 degree expanders, that can dramatically increase packing capacity.  Eg some large hardside bags can pack >140L of belongings!
  3. Base Expanders: The traditional softside suitcase has a 180 degree expander at the top of the suitcase.  However occasionally, when expanded and fully packed, the extra weight at the top causes the bag to annoyingly “fall on its face”.

    Hence some innovative brands like Delphin and Volair put a Base Expander on their softside suitcases, where the bottom of the bag expands instead of the top.  Hence making their softside bags more stable, when expanded and fully packed out.

  4. WEIGHT: With the imposition of stricter weight limits on airline luggage, the weight of a suitcase becomes a vital consideration. Normally a softside case will be lighter, hence allowing the traveller to pack more luggage and stay under the weight limit. However Samsonite's highest quality, European Made CURV and ROXKIN hardside suitcases are actually lighter than softside bags.