Car Key Security

While travelling overseas, how secure is your car back at home?  If a thief breaks into your house, can they easily pick up your car keys, off the kitchen bench, and go joy riding.

When you are at home, can a thief sneak in through the back door, snatch your car keys off the hook, and go joy riding and trash your $100,000 BMW or Mercedes?

Police strongly advise home owners to secure their car keys better at home.  Invest in an internal Sandleford Security Key Box, and secure your car keys when you are at home.

As you walk into the house, simply put your keys in a strategically located security key box. On a wall in the garage, or the laundry, or in a cupboard in the kitchen.  Your car is an extremely personally valuable possession, so take action and secure your car keys at home, in a stylish Sandleford 4 dial combination key security box, or a heavy duty Sandleford Security Key Drop Box.

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