Dog Seat Belts

Any unrestrained object in a car can be lethal in an accident.  Invest in a suitable size dog seat belt for your dog, or pet cage, and maximise everyone’s safety on the road.  High Quality Australian Made dog seat belts are adjustable to suit your size of animal, or to tighten down a restrained cage.  Pet restraints like dog seat belts are a road safety issue, and the law is catching up.  Sadly the rules covering animal restraints varies from state to state at present, as this article highlights , with NSW leading the way, with the following 2 rules showing the need to buckle up your dog, and society’s major demand for pet protection and pet safety when driving them anywhere.

On-the-spot fines of up to $500 can be issued for drivers with unrestrained animals in the car as they could prevent the driver from having proper control of the car.  If an animal is injured as a result of being unrestrained, drivers can expect six months' jail time and fines of up to $5,500 can be issued from the RSPCA.

NOTE: RESTRAINING CAT CARRIERS : depending on your type of pet carrier, you can use adjustable dog car seatbelts to secure your cat cage as well.

NOTE: RESTRAINING DOGS and PET CARRIERS in the BACK OF UTES : The adjustable dog seat belt straps with shackles on both ends, are designed to assist in keeping your pets safe here too.

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