Car Seat Protectors

You and your pet will love road tripping with a comfortable cool pet car seat protector hammock.  Your dog will feel relaxed and secure in their hammock, and it also protects them from a hot seat.  Equally importantly, you can protect the value of your car, via the pet car seat protector hammock providing your upholstery the perfect barrier to sharp claws, muddy paws, dog hair, drool and “accidents”.  The hammock is made of a water-resistant material keeping your seats clean and dry.  It is also washable, hence keeping it clean and reducing odours. It also has a pocket to store leads, treats, or plastic bags for walks.

Human Passengers? The Pet car seat protector hammock has a clever flexible design, with a zip down the middle.  This allows it to be folded back to enable a passenger in the back seat.

Take the stress out of car trips with your pet, with an easy to install Pet Car Seat Protector Hammock.

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