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How to Choose the Right Luggage

This luggage buying guide has been created to help you choose the right luggage for your next trip, be it overseas or local. When buying luggage you need to determine the material, strength, size (volume), weight and price of the luggage . By choosing a good brand, you know that you are getting strong, durable luggage, that is light and with good warranty backup.


All rollercases come in basically 3 sizes. Large (longhaul), Medium (shorthaul) and Carry -on, for cabin luggage. 


Today luggage can be made out of several different types of materials such as polycarbonate,  polypropylene, abs plastic or fabric (polyester nylon).

Wheels.   2 wheels can be recessed. Safer to some extent, but you then need to tilt the case and endure about 20Kgs on your wrist when towing the case. And it can only be pulled in one direction.

Advantages of a Spinner Case:  The main reason is versatility of movement. Spinner bags have four wheels mounted on castors that can turn in all directions, that means you can maneuver it with one hand in whatever direction you want the bag to go in. This is of inestimable help when you can't pull the bag behind you that well, such as when you're making your way to your seat through the narrow aisle of the airplane. A traditional bag can only be pulled, but the spinner can be rolled in the upright position, easily gliding through the plane without hitting protruding armrests or elbows. A spinner bag not only can be pushed in front of you or pulled behind you, it will "walk" beside you as well. There is less fatigue with a spinner.


The durability of luggage is best guaged by the brand. They use state of the art manufacturing processes and back their products with international warranty.

Brands like Samsonite, Delsey, Victorinox, Antler, IT Luggage(U.K) and TravelPro have built their reputation on the durability and design of their products. World class brands. Like buying a Mercedes or a BMW. We also have the Toyotas . But we do not carry no name brands or brands that are not international.



Recently, there has been a huge push to lower the weight. Reputable brand names have the technology to make luggage lighter whilst maintaining the durability, but you cannot get something for nothing. So compromise. A few grams heavier will not make much difference whilst at the same time ,can give you a sturdier suitcase. Remember, luggage is not for fashion. when you hand it over to the carriers, it is like going through an earhquake zone!! Luggage has to be durable.


Generally the longer your trip the bigger the size of luggage you will need. All check in luggage comes in either Large (around 100 litres) or Medium size (around 75 litres)

  • For trips longer than 2 weeks , luggage with a capacity of 100 litres or greater. Large size

  • For trips of 1-2 weeks we find that a suitcase with a capacity of 70-80 litres is sufficient. Medium size.

  • For trips of 1 week or less we recommend a backpack from our large selection . Or a Medium size rollercase/ roller duffle bag.

  • For daytrips we sell a large selection of high quality daypacks, perfect for the 1-2 day trip.

  • For business travellers looking for a laptop bag we also sell a wide range, from rolling laptop bags to laptop backpacks.

The capacity of each bag is listed in the product specifications on each of the product pages. But if you have more questions or need any help deciding which luggage to choose for your trip please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


One thing that I found is the best thing that can be done when you are trying to pick which type of luggage is to buy a set of luggage. This way, you have a selection of luggage that you can choose from for any need. They have everything from the larger, rolling luggage all the way down to 2 different sizes of carry-on luggage. They come in handy for long business trips or family vacations when you need the extra luggage for all the clothes and items that you will be taking with you. One set of luggage can hold all the clothes and other things for the entire family. When you are choosing the next luggage for yourself, make sure you get the right type of luggage that will be best for you trip. Remember, the right luggage can make your travels so much easier. And buying a set makes it aso much cheaper. And as you are getting a sealed carton direct from the factory, the luggage has not been 'tested' as they do on shop floors.


Luggage Direct buys direct from manufacturers, mostly in container loads, so we achieve the best price for the brand name luggage that we stock. As our overheads are very low, we can then pass on the savings to you. We also guarantee to beat any lower advertised price, should you find a lower price contact us and we will be happy to assist you.