Timber Platters

Looking for gift ideas? Timber platters are the perfect gift.  Capturing nature’s wood grain beauty, timber grazing platters and timber cutting boards are visually impressive gifts. The aroma emanating from camphor laurel chopping boards and serving paddles, enhances the gift experience for the recipient, and compliments the warmth of their family kitchen. Also timber platters and cutting boards are the perfect gift, as they are practical and are a reservoir of memories of the giver, as they are used again and again preparing meals and entertaining with gourmet platters. 

In addition to being Australian made, these camphor laurel timber cutting boards are naturally antibacterial, as proven via laboratory testing.  Hence in terms of beauty, size, aroma, practicality and hygiene is there a better Wedding gift, Home Warming gift, or Mothers Day present, than a set of Australian made timber platters?


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