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About Duffle Bags (No Wheels)

The humble duffle bag is the modern-day equivalent of the swag our ancestors travelled Australia in good times and bad with only what they could carry on their shoulder. Today there are still young intrepid Australian travellers who shun the 4 wheeled suitcases and the European Treck-pack and simply sling their duffle over their shoulder and go!

For the modern fit traveller, the duffel bag is a very practical option for key reasons.

1. Weight: Without wheels and trolley handles a duffle bag is relatively light compared to other forms of luggage. Where a 120-litre softside suitcase, like the latest Samsonite 72 Hours DLX large suitcase, may weigh 2.8kg, a 120-litre capacity Blackwolf Duffle is only 0.7kg. So on a budget 20kg limit flight, you get to pack 19.3kg of belongings, while the leading light-weight suitcase only allows 17kg of belongings, before you hit your baggage limit.

Blackwolf Duffelpak

2. Cost: The most budget large suitcase Luggage Direct stocks is the 2 wheel Centurion by IT Luggage at $109.95 while the large 150 L Sportec Duffle is on $39.95 when travelling on a budget the half-price option is very appealing. 

Barrel Duffle


3. Practicality: On many trips, the humble duffle bag is the most practical option. For our army or FIFO (Fly In, Fly Out) workers, often the aircraft they fly in, do not allow large rigid suitcases with wheels. They demand small, flexible duffle bags that can be "jammed" into tight places, like the Pisces Duffle bags from Explore Planet Earth.


4. Flexibility: For the homeward bound journey sometimes you need more packing capacity for all those gifts you bought your loved ones! So Samsonite has added to their accessory range a foldable duffle bag, that folds right down to no bigger than your hand, and when needed it unfolds to a generous 40-litre superstrong duffle bag! The perfect size for carry-on luggage.

Samsonite Foldable Duffle Bag