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Like shoes, one needs a practical and fashionable selection of duffles. 

Ladies, start the day with your gym bag (Gym duffle), then pack your laptop into your work tote (Work duffle), before coming home to grab your shopping bag (Fashion Duffle).

Men, throw your work boots into your work bag (Work duffle), and grab your gear bag (Sports duffle) for training later, and come home and pack your overnighter (Travel duffle) for the weekend.

Kids, Mum has packed your school bag (School duffle), put a dry towel in your swim bag (Waterproof duffle), and is taking you to buy a school camp bag (wheeled duffle).

Add to this Duffle Collection, the array of hiking and travel duffles, wheeled duffles, and wheeled backpacks,  you will be glad to have Luggage Direct as your “one stop” Duffle Shop.

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