Volair Forte 3

Volare in Italian means “fly”, and with the new Australian designed Volair Forte 3 your luggage will fly too!

The 2020 Volair Forte 3 model, has been upgraded further to dual Hinomoto wheels.   Japanese Hinomoto wheels are the strongest and best on the market, hence now with dual Hinomoto wheels, the Volair Forte 3 suitcase range not only has the strongest wheels, they now glide smoother and quieter over any surface you need to travel.

The Australian designed Volair Forte 3 range of luggage, joins the American Samsonite Blite 4, and the French Delsey Montmartre as part of Luggage Direct’s premium softside range of luggage, with Security Zips and elegant design.  As well as being “better value for money”, the large and medium Volair Forte 3 suitcases have better Aussie ingenuity, with “base expanders”, so that when fully loaded they won’t topple forward like traditional “top expanding” suitcases do.   Experienced travellers are reverting back to the packing convenience and weight advantage of softside luggage, and are embracing the advantages and value of Volair Forte 3 luggage.

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