Samsonite Uplite SPL

Every gram counts when you fly, and Samsonite’s engineers fully appreciate this fact, and have designed the new Samsonite Uplite SPL to be their lightest luggage ever. The large 78cm Samsonite Uplite SPL has a huge 122 litre capacity, but only weighs 2.7kg and the medium 71cm Samsonite Uplite SPL only weighs 2.4 kg for a 77 litre capacity. It is on par with the new Samsonite 72 Hours DLX as one of Samsonite's lightest soft side luggage ranges. However we believe the Samsonite Uplite SPL will be the best luggage of 2017, because it is beautiful. The Uplite SPL Pearl / Blue with its copper additions is simply stunning and now the Samsonite designers have introduced the more masculine black / grey model. 

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About Samsonite Uplite SPL

Meet Uplite, Samsonite's mere embodiment of comfort and lightness. With its large assortment of soft cabin size items fitting different airline regulations, you are bound to find the right luggage for your trip, whether you're travelling for business or pleasure. In addition to its amazing low weight, this stylish collection comes with a well organised interior, comfortable handles and a fixed TSA Lock for secure travel.

Samsonite UPLite