Samsonite S'Cure

Samsonite S'Cure exemplifies security and protection in Luggage. Combine a “No Zips” design with the strength and rigidity of polypropylene Flowlite, to protect your belongings from THEFT, RAIN and CARRIER DAMAGE! The Samsonite S'Cure 3 point locking system, also includes a TSA lock for US Customs. With European design, and indent colours, S’Cure is also stylish. If you need to protect your belongings, invest in Samsonite S’Cure.

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About Samsonite S'Cure

Samsonite S'Cure exemplifies security in Luggage.

Samsonite solves multiple concerns for the modern traveller with the strategically designed S'Cure. 

No Zips: Samsonite S'Cure avoids theft through the zip of your suitcase or damage to zips from baggage handlers, by having no zips. Samsonite maximises security with the S'Cure with its 3 point locking system, including a TSA lock on the main lock

Flowlite: is the new revolutionary polypropylene material, samsonite has selected to give the S'Cure maximum strength with minimum weight. Allowing the S'Cure to protect your personal belongings and to protect your pull up handle from damage.

European Design: Ensures you can be confident of the quality and style of your Samsonite S'Cure suitcase. With modern stylish colours to be easily found on the baggage carousel.

Rain: reduce the stress of wet weather on your holiday, be confident your belongings are safe & dry in your rain resistant Samsonite S'Cure zipless hardside suitcase.

Samsonite S'Cure