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About Samsonite RFID Blocking Leather Wallets

" A man's wallet says alot about the man"

Samsonite has criteria when purchasing a wallet.

  1. Style: genuine leather feels great and looks even better.
  2. Black: Colour can be fun, but not for a mans wallet.
  3. Protection: Block thieves from scanning your credit cards with RFID blocking protection. I.E an internal layer of metallic material that blocks scanning of chips.
  4. Practical Choice: Coin pocket or not!

Modern criminals are using technology to screen the chips in your credit cards and your passport, to steal your money and your identity. And sadly you do not know until you carefully check your credit card statement when you get home!

Also your identity details held on the chip in your passport, is also a prime target for international criminals . But all you need is some simple RFID protection, from Samsonite, Tatonka, Pacsafe, korjo & Go Travel.