Samsonite Lite-Cube

Lite-Cube suitcases are a delicate balance of class and modern technology. Lite-Cube is ultra-light and highly impact resistant like other Curv Technology suitcases, however it is more focused on achieving a sense of European Elegance, with "little extras" such as extra pockets and dividers for easier packing, a double bar "pull up" trolley handle and 8 easy glide wheels. Invest more, and achieve a little more elegance and comfort, with Lite Cube.

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About Samsonite Lite-Cube

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Samsonite Lite-Cube

Samsonite Lite-Cube suitcases are a delicate balance of class and modern technology.

Travellers select and invest in Samsonite Curv Technology range of suitcases, Firelite, Cosmolite and Lite-Cube, for different reasons.

The Lite-Cube purchaser prioritises style, convenience and practicality. Where the Firelite and Cosmolite ranges make obvious bold statements in bright reds, blues and greens, the Lite-Cube range is under-stated with classic charcoal, silver and ivory gold colours. One could make the comparison of the Cosmolite and Firelite to a Porsche sports car, while comparing a Lite-Cube to a Jaguar. That is the Lite-Cube is still ultra-light and highly impact resistant, however it is more focussed on achieving a sense of European Elegance.      

The Elegant European design of the Samsonite Lite-Cube is evidenced by the "little extras" such as 

  • The stability and easy gliding of 8 wheels.
  • Dual bars in the "Pull up" handle, providing a stable site to attach your handbag or satchel.
  • Extra internal pockets for packing valuables.
  • Double dividers for easy packing of both sides.

The modern cutting edge Curv material making up the Samsonite Lite-Cubes shell enables the Lite-Cube to withstand major impacts, while being exceptionally lightweight. Hence the Samsonite Lite-Cube protects the traveller's belongings, while remaining light & easy to lift and handle.Samsonite Lite-Cube

Value: There are many "high end" luggage brands to tempt the fashion conscious traveller. Name brands like Rimowa, Tumi, Victorinox & Mandarina Duck. However, with the growing restrictive requirements of airline baggage allowances, the glamour needs to be balanced with practicality. Samsonite Lite-Cubes unique lightweight material empowers the traveller to pack their desired volume and weight of belongings, while retaining understated elegance. This is also achieved with Lite-Cube at a much more modest investment, than other brand names. 

Comment: Samsonite has strategically sacrificed a little of the weight advantage of their Curv technology suitcases, to provide their more sophisticated customers, with the extra "comforts" of dual wheels, double handles and extra pockets. Hence producing an exceptionally stylish piece , yet practical luggage.