Samsonite Firelite

Firelite luggage is the ultimate in protection for the modern traveller. The Samsonite Firelite suitcase range is made in Europe, from ulta-light, impact resistant Curv Technology, and also have WEATHER RESISTANT ZIPS. The Firelite zip has a polyurethane coating which bonds to the shell of the suitcase, keeping your belongings dry in the worst of downpours! Most importantly Firelite’s style and intense colour range, is simply stunning! Achieve maximum protection and a stunning image, by investing in Samsonite Firelite.

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About Samsonite Firelite

Samsonite Firelite luggage is the ultimate in protection for the modern traveller.

Samsonite Firelite suitcases provide protection from theft, damage and now the weather, while maximising the beauty of the Curv material with stylish "Smiling" Horizontal lines. You will be "singing in the rain" with your Samsonite Firelite luggage, with their unique water resistant zippers.

Yes, the Samsonite Firelite suitcase range is a fashion statement. Young professionals standing on the railway platform at Frankfurt railway station with their bright stylish firelite suitcase, ready for their weekend of fun somewhere in Europe, are making a statement. However it is much more than a fashion statement. The owner of a Samsonite Firelite knows it as the "near perfect" suitcase.

Samsonite Firelite suitcases are the "near perfect" weight. Firelite cases are made of Curv Technology, which is ultralight woven polypropylene. This allows the Firelite to be even lighter than the equivalent size softside suitcase. 

Samsonite Firelite suitcases are the "near perfect" strength. The cutting edge Curv Technology, enables the Firelite to have extreme impact resistance with the damage occurring from current baggage handling practices, it is reassuring to know the Firelite suitcase is engineered to resist strong knocks.

Samsonite Firelite suitcases are the "near perfect" cabin bag. With most flights only allowing the passenger, 7 kg of carry-on baggage allowance, it is a huge bonus to be able to pack over 5kg of personal items, and still be under the limit. (Firelite cabin weighs only 1.9kg, allowing a passenger to pack 5.1kg on a 7 kg limit flight). Also the Firelite cabin meets the requirements for most domestic and international flights, in terms of size. The firelite's dimensions are 55cm x 40cm x 20 cm, which add up to 115cm linear, the most common restriction.

For the modern traveller, for whom image, style, weight, durability, size and water resistance are important, then the Samsonite Firelite range of suitcases, are "near perfect". 

Samsonite Firelite