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Pacsafe Handbags & Shoulder Bags

Pacsafe Handbags & Shoulderbags

Enjoy your adventures while remaining relaxed and confident with a Pacsafe Handbag.  Pacsafe’s designers have transformed the robust security focussed bags of old, into a stunning range of fashionable models, you can take anywhere. From traditional handbags and shoulder bags in black to cutting edge cross-body bags, totes, convertible bags and totes in an array of colours including mulberry, polka dot, tweed, deep navy and granite.  So you can be as stylish as you desire while retaining all the essential Pacsafe security features, including RFID Blocking pockets to protect you from electronic theft and fraud, and the physical theft barriers.  Risk is a part of life, so minimise it with a stunning Pacsafe Handbag, and go out and enjoy your life to the max!

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  1. Pacsafe GO Anti-Theft 2.5L Crossbody Bag Rose 35105
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