Lojel Voja

With the new zipless Voja, the Lojel luggage engineers  and designers have amazingly improved on the 2017 Octa 2 range of zipless suitcases.  While retaining the Octa 2’s ultra-strong polypropylene shell, Lojel have refined the Voja  to appeal to all travellers who desire security and beauty.  They have expanded the range to include a cabin bag, and the Lojel designers have opted for a palate of soft 2018 pastel colours, like terracotta, yolk yellow, ink blue and black.  However the style and class of the Lojel Voja suitcase range is only fully obvious when compared to its key competitor, the Samsonite S’cure.  Open both bags, and compare the bare utilitarian S’cure interior with minimal pockets, to the beautifully lined interior of Lojel’s Voja, with it’s multiple pockets.

RECOMMENDATION: The Lojel Voja is for the traveller off to “adventurous lands”, needing suitcases of strength and maximum security, while wishing to retain style and comfort.

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