Lojel Cubo

Truly Innovative! Lojel has improved its amazing "Flip-Top" Hatch range, with the stunning new Cubo! The brilliance of creating a high quality hard suitcase, in the shape of an "easy to pack" softside suitcase! The new large 78cm Lojel Cubo suitcase now expands to a huge 130 litres. That's 26 litres more then the equivelant Lojel Hatch! The Cubo is also a "ruggedly handsome" suitcase in 4 strong colours, White, Black, Navy & Red! with Lojels legendary "Double Tooth" security zips, and ultra strong Japanese Hinomoto wheels, the Cubo is the professional travellers friend.

Recommendation: If you want softside suitcase packing convenience on a bench, as well as the security & protection of a high quality hardside suitcase, then Cubo is your suitcase!  

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