Lojel Luggage

Lojel Luggage is potentially the premium luggage brand in Australia.  Lojel suitcases epitomise style, quality and innovation.  With eye-catching colours, Japanese Hinomoto wheels, security zips and their unique shapes, Lojel luggage is rapidly becoming the suitcase of choice for the experienced traveller.  Visit our Brisbane luggage stores at Kedron, Carina Heights, Macgregor and Taringa, and see, touch, wheel, expand a Lojel suitcase today.

About Lojel Luggage

Lojel Luggage is a breath of fresh air into the Australian luggage market. With their bright colours and practical innovations they are rapidly becoming the best value quality luggage brand. 

Lojel up-spec their luggage to be as high a quality as possible. The 4 key features of a Lojel suitcase are:

1. Wheels: Japanese Hinomoto wheels.

With baggage handlers damaging suitcases, Lojel has opted to put the high quality, strong, easy gliding Hinomoto wheels from Japan, on their CUBO & VOJA suitcases.

2. Zips: Lojel Luggage Double-Coil zippers.

Lojel is committed to security & innovation. Travellers concerned about thieves punching through their suitcase zips, should examine Lojel’s double-coil zippers. The majority of leading luggage brands has single coil zippers, which a thief can punch through with a pen. Lojel Luggage double-coil zippers make that nearly impossible, and hence give you security and peace of mind with your luggage zips.

3. Material: Lojel Luggage uses the strongest & lightest materials.

The Lojel CUBO luggage is made of special Polycarbonate, called Makrolon. Makrolon is 100% virgin Polycarbonate, made by Bayer from Germany it is the lightest and strongest polycarbonate possible for a suitcase. The Lojel VOJA luggage is made of Polypropylene. Polypropylene is exceptionally strong and is the best product for suitcases without zips.

4. Innovative Shapes: When accessing your belongings from a suitcase in the boot of a car, or in a small room, Lojel’s innovative Cubo luggage makes it easy.  Cubo hardside suitcases are uniquely built in the shape of a softside suitcase, so you can find access your belongings fast and conveniently.