What is the best hardside suitcase? The Zeus range of hardside suitcases could well be the correct answer. 

The best hardside suitcase should be a balance of attractive image, strength, light weight, large expanded volume, and with practical internal pocketing.  IT Luggage, the number 1 luggage company in Britain, has designed the Zeus range of suitcases to provide a near perfect balance of these qualities, at an affordable price.  Each Zeus bag has a distinctive swirl pattern that catches the light beautifully and allows it to be seen easily on the baggage carousel.  Zeus suitcases are made of a new material, Duraliton, which is 100% virgin polycarbonate, light and strong.  IT Luggage invented the expanding zip on hardside suitcases, and hence the medium and large bags can expand to fit all your extra shopping, or belongings as needed. Experienced travellers enjoy knowing where everything is packed, and the Zeus suitcases provide multiple practical internal pockets to assist.

RECOMMENDATION: For the practical traveller seeking the best hardside suitcase, at good value for money, then the Zeus range of suitcases will not disappoint.

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