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High Sierra AT7

High Sierra AT7 All-terrain

The perfect bag for backpacking Europe!  The black High Sierra AT7 wheeled duffle, was designed for the young lady or man, wanting the convenience of easy packing and the large packing capacity required for  6 weeks trekking around the cities of the Uk and Europe.  With hidden backpack straps, the AT7 shows its outdoor pedigree, allowing the adventurer to backpack over rough terrain or onto trains and up steep stair cases.

Most other wheeled backpacks, like the High Sierra Composite, are a single compartment bag, while the High Sierra AT7 wheeled duffle with back back straps, has a split zip affording the neat packer, 2 compartments like a suitcase.

Travel tip: buy a black Samsonite back pack with a smart sleeve, so it slides easily onto the double handle of your High Sierra AT7.


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