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High Sierra

High Sierra is dedicated to adventure.  Adventure in the outdoors, as well as school, urban and work, with quality lifestyle gear, at down to earth prices. High Sierra backpacks, duffles and wheeled duffles now range from Mini backpacks for children, up to the large 94L wheeled Composite V4 backpacks. High Sierra is owned by Samsonite, giving the customer confidence in High Sierra’s quality, and guaranteed warranty support!


High Sierra Access 3.0 Eco Backpack: practical large multipurpose bag, with laptop compartment and rain cover.

High Sierra Composite V4 wheeled Backpack: great for “glamping” in Europe as it has backpack straps, opens like a suitcase, and stands up by itself!

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  1. High Sierra Mini Backpack 2.0 Black / Silver 145186
    Special Price $41.00 RRP $59.00
  2. High Sierra 76cm Pack N Go Duffle Bag Black 47139
    Special Price $62.00 RRP $89.00
  3. High Sierra XBT 17 Inch Laptop Backpack Black 58000
    Special Price $104.00 RRP $149.00

20 Items

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Founded over 45 years ago in 1978, High Sierra has committed itself to creating durable, distinctive and affordable life style gear. High Sierra's distribution, service warranty and support worldwide has been greatly enhanced since it's purchase by Samsonite in 2012. Whether investing in a High Sierra Academy 3.0 backpack for school, or a rugged High Sierra XBT backpack for your next trip outdoors, you can feel confident in the design, look and durability of High Sierra.

 Also, High Sierra have the best range of small wheeled duffles.  Not just for carry on luggage, but for children lugging heavy backpacks to and from school.  It is now thought that extra weight on your child, can lead to back issues. In addition adults with back injuries, or shoulder injuries, might be better wheeling a backpack instead of wearing one, or lugging a heavy briefcase.  Assess your backpack needs, and choose your preferred High Sierra backpack or wheeled backpack today.