HPRC - Protective Cases

HPRC or High Pressure Resin Cases are the best value for money industrial cases on the Australian market. The Italian made alternative to Pelican Cases, HPRC Cases arguably offer equal security and protection at less cost!  If you are looking for a protective case for your drone, camera, musical instrument, gun or specialised electronic equipment, you will find a high quality HPRC case to suit. 

 Luggage Direct has chosen to retail HPRC Cases online and through 2 of their Brisbane Superstores, as a service to their business customers.  Drop in and inspect the HPRC Cases at the MacGregor Superstore, near the southside industrial areas of Coopers Plains, Archerfield and Acacia Ridge, or drop into the Kedron Superstore, near the northside Geebung, Zilmere and Virginia industrial areas.  Feel free to bring your old Pelican Cases in and compare!

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About HPRC - Protective Cases

 TTX01 Material Construction

Most standard hard cases our made of standard PolyPropelyne: HPRC cases are made of a specially formulated compound based on the reliable PP but mixed with high performance resins. This allows HPRC to produce lighter and stronger cases. This special mix also increases how shockproof degree of the material, on top of all this HPRC cases are; Acidproof, Scratchproof and able to endure extreme weather.

 Airex Valve

All HPRC cases come with the new Airex automatic purge valve that is auto press release adjusted to changing enviroments automatically. 

  HPRC Lifetime Warranty

HPRC guarantees all its products have been built to a rigorous standard of qaulity and are ensured against all defects in materials and workmanship for the cases entire life.