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About Eagle Creek Pack-It Sets

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"Bringing order to the universe, one bag at a time!"

Eagle Creek Pack-It systems provide packing cube solutions for 

  • Organisational challenges
  • Space maximization
  • Moisture control
  • Odour control
  • Wrinkle resistance
  • and compartmentalization

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes are an essential part of this system.

The cubes come in different sizes, shapes and materials, offering maximum choice and flexibility to the packer.

4 x Sizes 2 x Materials
  •  Quarter Cube
  •  Original - Breathable material
  •  Half Cube
  •  Specter - Lightweight Sil nylon ripstop
  •  Cube
  •  Double Cube

3 x Special Designs

  • Clean Dirty Cubes & Clean Dirty Half Cubes
  • Compression Cubes
  • Shoe Cubes
1. Starter Kits = Cube + 1/2 Cube + Folder
2. Cube Sets = Cube + 1/2 Cube + 1/4 Cube