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Eagle Creek Garment Folders


Enjoy looking neat on your next trip, by packing with Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Garment Folders.

Eagle Creek are the packing experts, and the simple instructions on the folding board, inside your Pack-It Reveal Garment folders, enable you to expertly pack too, and have wrinkle free shirts, blouses, shorts and slacks at your destination.  By coordinating the size and colours of your garment folders, you can rapidly identify where everything is.  Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal garment folders are extremely durable, washable and super light. 

If the art of packing cubes and garment folders is all new to you, why not simply invest in a single Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Starter Kit, consisting of a medium and a large Isolate packing cube, and a large Reveal Garment Folder.   Once you have packed and travelled with Eagle Creek packing cubes and garment folders, you will become a fan, and proudly become a packing expert, and expand the sizes and colours of your Eagle Creek collection, to suit your needs and style.

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