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Eagle Creek Accessories


Eagle Creek has transferred their expertise in packing cubes and garment folders, to develop intelligent, durable, super light travel accessories, including toiletry bags, laundry bags, and the ingenious Eagle Creek silk undercover bra stashes.

The famous Eagle Creek Wallaby hanging toiletry kit, has been upgraded with better recycled materials and colours, into the Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Trifold Toiletry Kit, for those who need to take everything.  For the lighter traveller, the super light Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Toiletry Kit, at only 91 grams, is your wet pack.

If you like basket-balling your dirty clothes into the laundry basket, you will love hanging the Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Laundry Sac off the hotel door handle, and taking free throws. 

So whether you are hiding your credit card under your evening dress with an Eagle Creek silk Bra Stash, or you are carefully organising your medications, first aid, and toiletries into your hanging Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Trifold Toiletry Kit, you will appreciate your investment into quality Eagle Creek Travel Accessories.

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