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Eagle Creek stands for excellence.  Excellence in outdoor travel gear. Excellence in Packing Systems.

Hikers need to physically carry all their belongings, and hence become expert packers.  Hence Eagle Creek created the Pack-it packing system, of packing cubes, packing sacks and garment folders.

In addition, as travellers demand lighter and lighter loads, Eagle Creek created the ultra-light Spectre packing systems, made of Silnylon and coming in bright young colours. 

Packing cubes alleviate the need to “tear your bag apart”, when looking for something.  When each personal belonging has a packing cube of the right size and right colour, it can be located with a brief glance.

Eagle Creek Pack-it packing cubes now come in 4 sizes, Large, Medium, Small and Extra Small.  Historically these were named Double packing cubes (large), Packing Cubes (medium), Half Cubes (small) and Quarter Cubes (extra small).

Packing cubes come in multiple colours, so if you invest in 4 colours and in each of the 4 sizes, this gives the professional packer a choice of 16 different packing cubes to put different belongs into.  For example, use blue packing cubes for underwear.

Placing singlets in the large, underpants in the medium, bras in the small, and handkerchiefs in the extra small.  Compare that level of order, to the frustrating mess that occurs in a poorly packed suitcase or backpack! 

Compression Cubes, are packing cubes with a zip system, allowing one to compress the contents of the cube. 

Clean Dirty Cubes are packing cubes with 2 separate halves. I half a normal packing cube, the other half a moisture resistant packing cube foe smelly damp clothes. 

Packing Sacks work in a similar manner to packing cubes. Often travellers will use a mixture of both packing cubes and packing sacks, to achieve their personal array of logical packing bags. 

Garment Folders are for your shirts and blouses, and special outfits. Eagle Creek garment folders internally have a hard piece of plastic with folding instructions on it. Empowering the least domesticated of travellers to strategically fold and protect their better clothes, and minimise the need for ironing. Garment folders are vital if one is not confident of sourcing an iron, or an iron that doesn’t stain your clothes, at your destination. 

Travel Tip: Assess the sets of Eagle Creek packing systems, especially the Starter Kit, and experience the convenience and simplicity of becoming an expert packer.

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"Bringing order to the universe, one bag at a time!" 

The Eagle Creek Pack-It system is the best kept secret of the professional traveller. Ever since Steve and Nona Barker started Eagle Creek, in the San Jacinto Mountains of California, in 1975, they have been crafting clever solutions to "ensure travellers arrive at their destination confident and well equipped to experience it all".

Here are 4 of their more clever solutions.

1. "Finding-It": Whether you travel with a duffle bag or a suitcase, you often can't find "IT" in the bag when you need "IT".

Solution = Pack-It in a small brightly coloured Packing Cube or Packing Sac!

2. "Wet and Smelly": The professional traveller should exercise often. But how do you pack wet smelly shoes & gym gear?

Solution = Pack-It in a "Clean Dirty Cube" with water-resistant Linkseal mesh to keep the moisture in the "dirty" side, so you can pack clean clothes in the "Clean" side.

3. "Crumpled":

Solution = Fold your shirts professionally via the instructions on a folding board, and place in a custom made Pack-It Garment Folder.

4. "Neat Freaks": Eagle Creek are proud neat freaks! They and many travellers just like their world and their suitcases to be neat and ordered. It is simple professional efficiency! 

Solution= Start with a Pack-It Starter Set of Eagle Creek and expand your range of Cubes, Sacs, Folders, Toiletry Kits and Compression Cubes as needed.

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