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Eagle Creek

The premier brand for packing cubes, compression cubes and garment folders, EAGLE CREEK, has relaunched in Australia, with improved designs, and stunning modern colours.


The original Eagle Creek Pack-It packing cube range, has been upgraded to the more environmentally friendly and clever Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal packing cube range, with a see-through strong mesh side, to allow the contents to breath, and so you can easily see what is inside.  

In addition, Eagle Creek have designed a range of the Reveal packing cubes, with an expander zip to provide an extra 30 to 40% in packing capacity.  The added benefit of a new Eagle Creek Reveal Expansion cube, is that you can expand it, fill it, and then use it as a COMPRESSION CUBE.

If you were a traveller in love with the original Eagle Creek Spectre compression packing cubes, Eagle Creek has enhanced it with the new Eagle Creek Isolate Compression Cube range.  Enjoy packing more in, and finding it with ease.

Also save $, and invest in 2 or 3 piece sets of Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal and Isolate packing cube sets.


Unpack at your destination, minus the wrinkles, with Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Garment Folders. The Reveal Garment Folders come in medium and large sizes, and the new medium sized Reveal Garment Folder fits flatly inside most cabin bags.


For the novice packer, Eagle Creek has the Pack-It Starter Set.  Take a trip, packing your smalls in the small packing cube, rolling your T shirts into the medium packing cube, and folding your slacks and blouse into the garment folder, and you too, will fall in love with Eagle Creek.


The original Eagle Creek wallaby hanging toiletry bag, has been replaced with the larger, better organised Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Trifold Toiletry Kit.  Fit everything in, and simply hang it off a fixture anywhere, to view and easily access your make up, shaving gear and meds.

For a lighter and smaller wet pack, the super light Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Quick Trip Toiletry kit, is only 91 grams.


Don’t overlook the packing of dirty laundry. Think through the advantages of the smart clever Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal Laundry sac, with hanging ability, expansion ability, and being able to fold up.

Become a professional packer and make a long term investment in your own range of Eagle Creek packing and travel accessories. 

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"Bringing order to the universe, one bag at a time!" 

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Reveal and Isolate systems are the best kept secret of the professional traveller. Ever since Steve and Nona Barker started Eagle Creek, in the San Jacinto Mountains of California, in 1975, they have been crafting clever solutions to "ensure travellers arrive at their destination confident and well equipped to experience it all".

Here are 4 of their more clever solutions.

1. "Finding-It": Whether you travel with a duffle bag or a suitcase, you often can't find "IT" in the bag when you need "IT".

Solution = Pack-It in a small brightly coloured Packing Cube or Packing Sac!

2. "Wet and Smelly": The professional traveller should exercise often. But how do you pack wet smelly shoes & gym gear?

Solution = Pack-It in a "Clean Dirty Cube" with water-resistant Linkseal mesh to keep the moisture in the "dirty" side, so you can pack clean clothes in the "Clean" side.

3. "Crumpled":

Solution = Fold your shirts professionally via the instructions on a folding board, and place in a custom made Pack-It Garment Folder.

4. "Neat Freaks": Eagle Creek are proud neat freaks! They and many travellers just like their world and their suitcases to be neat and ordered. It is simple professional efficiency! 

Solution= Start with a Pack-It Starter Set of Eagle Creek and expand your range of Cubes, Sacs, Folders, Toiletry Kits and Compression Cubes as needed.