Delsey Montrouge

DELSEY MONTROUGE:  France’s leading luggage designer, Delsey of Paris, has excelled itself with the new Montrouge luggage range, in creating a totally innovative suitcase for ladies who appreciate style!

The Delsey designers have created a luxurious softside bag, in the shape of a hardside bag!  Yes the bag unzips into 2 halves!

Hence the Delsey Montouge provides the neat packer with 2 equal compartments, instead of the traditional 1 compartment of other softside bags!

Zoom in on the Montrouge image and admire the beauty of its golden zippers, and stylish external pocket, making it the perfect companion to its “sister” hardside suitcase the Delsey Chatelet Air.

Like all other Delsey suitcases, the Delsey engineers ensure structural strength, wheel strength, and exceptional security with impenetrable “double zips”!

Make your entrance with the stunning, yet so practical, Delsey Montrouge!

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