Delsey Clavel

Delsey Clavel is a winner! Delsey’s French designers and engineers have created “luggage synergy” with the elegant, light and strong Clavel luggage range.  The Delsey Clavel suitcase’s elegance is evidenced by it’s palate of colours and the graceful lines of its uniquely mould shell.  Whether entering the hotel foyer or searching on the baggage carousel, the Peoni pink, Teal blue, yellow or black Clavel suitcases, will be noticed!  The winning benefit of the Delsey Clavel luggage is combining this elegance with the strength of polypropylene and security zips, while making it so light!  The Clavel cabin bag is a whole 400grams lighter than its predecessor Delsey Belmont Plus, and 200 grams lighter than Samsonite’s new Oc2lite cabin.  Delsey of Paris has set the new expanding hardside luggage benchmark, with its new elegant, light and strong Clavel range of suitcases.

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