Delphin Caspian

Delphin Caspian was designed here in Australia, for Australian family's travel needs.  Family luggage needs to be easy to hyandle, easy to pack and huge, while remaining light!

Easy to handle: An exhausted mum, with a toddler on her hip can wheel a 3 piece set of Delphin Caspian with just one hand.  Simply put the large and medium 4 wheeled suitcases back to back and using the smart-sleeve on the cabin bag, slide it on top. So easy to handle!

Easy to pack: The Delphin Caspian is the obsessive packer's dream suitcase!  The Caspian has arguably the best internal packing system in suitcases less than $200.

Huge: The large Delphin Caspian is one of the largest soft suitcases on the market with a packing capacity of 126 litres!  This much capacity and still only 3.6kg.

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