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Good coffee and Good wine is synonymous with Travel.  With Camelbak stylish stainless steel bottles and tumblers, you can now enjoy them properly at the correct temperature anytime, anywhere. 

For wine, the Camelbak Horizon 750ml insulated stainless steel wine bottle is a brilliant investment for hot countries like Australia, especially if you need to leave the wine in a hot car for any amount of time.  A Camelbak Horizon wine bottle can keep a white wine cold for 35 hours, and keep your red wine at the decanted temperature for up to 25 hours.  For even better wine enjoyment, invest in the Camelbac Horizon wine tumblers, which are specifically designed to capture the bouquet.

For coffee, the Camelbak Horizon 350ml stainless steel insulated coffee tumbler and lid, can keep your brew hot for 4 hours.  The tumbler has no handle, so it sits in your car’s coffee cup holder perfectly, providing hot coffee for the whole drive. (avoiding spills, and avoiding the waste of disposable cups)

For water, the Camelbak Chute Mag 600ml stainless steel water bottle, allows you to enjoy cold water all day, without it sweating or leaking in your bag.

Enjoy a drink at the perfect temperature while travelling, with your personal Camelbak bottle or tumbler.

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