Antler Juno

ANTLER JUNO is feminine. To be named after the Roman Goddess for women “Juno”, an Antler Juno suitcase needs to be beautiful, stunning and able to make a majestic entrance. Combining stunning intense colours and a unique 3 dimensional shape the Antler Juno does turn heads and win hearts! Technically, the polypropylene shell is the source of the Antler Juno’s strength, impact resistance and amazingly low weights! However Antler Juno is a “must have” because it is simply beautiful!

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About Antler Juno

Antler Juno

 Juno demands attention! Juno makes an impression! Juno is fun & funky! Juno is classic and majestic!

 Regardless of which Juno you think of, Juno makes an impact!

Juno Goddess Juno Movie Juno Asteroid Juno Luggage

So when marketing gurus at Antler Luggage in the UK selected “Juno” for the name of their new cutting edge range of suitcases, THEY NAILED IT!

How does Antler Juno luggage, capture the essence of Juno?

Juno is Feminine: To be named after the Roman Goddess for women “Juno”, an Antler Juno suitcase needs to be beautiful, stunning and able to make a majestic entrance.


Juno is colourful: As per the movie the sharp tongued Juno’s language and gestures, Antler’s Juno is highly colourful too! Antler Juno luggage has rapidly progressed from their “launch colours” of intense black and stark white, into a plethora of fun young colours with attitude, and sharp lines just like the young expectant Juno.

Juno Kiss

Juno is a juggernaut: Juno the asteroid is huge and fast moving! The 3rd asteroid ever to be discovered, Juno is a 233km wide rock, hurtling through our solar system at nearly 18km/second! Juno luggage is also strong and designed to hurtle through the holds of fast moving jet aeroplanes, and survive!

The Antler marketing team did not know how “right” they were when they chose the name Juno for their new range of luggage. In 2014, the luggage world was still focussed on bright shiny coloured polycarbonate bags, despite the scratches and cracks being inflicted by baggage handlers. Then Juno, the roman Goddess of women, made her entrance! Stark white polypropylene, with soft flexible curves and sharp straight lines.

The Juno Juggernaut had arrived!      

Antler Juno Luggage

Technical aspects of Antler Juno 

Weight: Antler Juno suitcases are made of Polypropylene, of the common suitcase materials for hardside cases, polypropylene is the lightest. Hence when the traveller requires lighter and lighter suitcases, polypropylene is the best component. 

Example: Samsonite’s premium softside cabin bag = B’Lite Xtra at 2.3kg. Antler’s premium hardside cabin bag = Juno at 2.4 kg. 

Hence the stronger, more protective and more rain resistant Antler Juno, is only 100 grams heavier than a leading softside suitcase. 

Durability: Although technically polycarbonate is stronger than polypropylene, in a suitcase polypropylene is more durable. Polypropylene is more flexible, and hence unlike polycarbonate, a polypropylene suitcase like the Antler Juno, very rarely cracks, when crushed or thrown. 

Appearance: Polypropylene is the one colour, all the way through and has a subdued sheen. Hence when scratched, it is far less obvious than with the shiny polycarbonate suitcase’s, get scratched.

Comment: The Antler Juno is an excellent balance between style and practicality. As explained above, the polypropylene suitcases are light, durable and maintain their appearance. And of, the available polypropylenes like Morelia by it Luggage and Bon Air by American Tourister, the Antler Juno is more beautifully designed, and has a stunning range of colours.