Antler Juno

Antler luggage have excelled themselves!  They have evolved the original Antler Juno into the Antler Juno 2, the Antler Juno Metallic DLX, and the Antler Juno Camber.  The Juno Metallic DLX and the Juno Camber have retained the classic Juno “sharp horizontal lined” image, in either an elegant metallic lustre for the Metallic DLX, or a gentle soft pastel colour for the Camber.  While the Juno 2 has its own unique “softer horizontal lined” image, in a fun array of brilliant colours.  Importantly the Antler luggage engineers have designed all Juno models now with an expander, to provide the extra packing capacity for long trips and that extra shopping one does on holiday. Enjoy!

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