Which Wheeled Duffle Is Best? - 2020 Update

A wheeled duffle bag is an extremely flexible and durable piece of luggage, and meets the needs of many travellers. Whether you are off on a school camp (Euston) or off to backpack around Europe (High Sierra AT7) there is a wheeled duffle to suit you.


1. Do you want your wheeled duffle to have one or two packing compartments?

Traditional wheeled duffles only have a single compartment for all your belongings.  For casual packers (men?) this is totally adequate. EG. The basic Euston or the high quality Osprey Transporter.



However for neat packers, or those needing to separate out their sports gear or their muddy dirty clothes, then having a “SPLIT ZIP” or a “DROP BOTTOM” gives you the choice of having 2 compartments. EG. The affordable Delphin Corfu or the “suitcase like” High Sierra AT7.  They open like a book, or  hardside suitcase to provide easy convenient packing across 2 compartments.  Remember, the divider in these bags, can be un-zipped, allowing it to revert to one large compartment if desired.                       

                      DELPHIN CORFU

                  HIGH SIERRA AT7

2. Do you want your wheeled duffle to have backpack straps? 

If you are off on a rugged adventure involving mud and slush or very rough ground, you will definitely need your backpack straps to get out of there. But even if you are “glamping” (glamour camping) Europe, some travellers like to put their wheeled duffle on their back, for when they need their hands free such as; to get off and on a train, hold tickets or child’s hand. The backpack straps can be of basic quality, to be used for short periods of time, (EG. HIGH SIERRA Composite) or they can be trekking quality, like the CARIBEE Fast Track.

        High Sierra Composite

               Caribee Fast Track

3. How rugged do you need your wheeled duffle to be for your planned trip? 

If it is for your child’s school camp, then the budget Euston is perfect?  It is simply a large “bag on wheels”, which readily carries all your child’s school gear, sleeping bag, pillow and Junk food! 

If it is for a Bali holiday, then the Delphin Corfu or Caribee Scarecrow provide the strength, durability, and practical 2 compartment packing needed.

If it is for backpacking around Europe, then you might need temporary backpack straps for boarding trains, or climbing steep stairs.  (EG. HIGH SIERRA Composite or AT7).  Also as European temperatures are unpredictable, opt for the larger volume models for extra warm jackets and clothes. Note: avoid budget wheeled duffels, as weeks of wheeling over cobblestones will severely test them.

If it is for all terrains, then opt for the best!  Osprey are specialist outdoor experts. They triple stich their bags, and use YKK quality zippers to ensure durability, and design their wheeled duffles with a high wheeled chasis, and extra large wheels, to conquer all terrain. And if it snows, they are water resistant!

 4. How weather resistant do you need your wheeled duffle to be?

 Most outdoor wheeled duffles can handle a little drizzle or snow, however for tropical downpours, and serious snow trips, then opt for the:

         120 Litre Transporter

    or the 90 Litre Transporter

For maximum confidence on a major journey, invest in the Osprey Transporter range with the weather resistance, YKK qulaity zips, and high profile chassis to stayt out of the mud and slush.


90 Liter Pisces

Fow weather resistance on a budget, the the Explore Planet Earth Pisces is an excellent medium sized wheeled duffle option.


145 Liter AT8

For transporting snow gear or large loads in bad weather, then invest in the huge High Sierra AT8 86 cm wheeled duffle bag (67933)

SUMMARY:  By answering these 4 questions, you can select the wheeled duffle that suits you and your needs best, and maximise your chance of a fun relaxed trip.