A Customer Review of the unique Lojel Cubo Suitcase

My Wife and I had a great time on the tour visiting iconic landmarks, eating delicious pastries and enjoying the local   wines, but a 20 day Top Deck bus tour is a gruelling experience for luggage. There’s snow, sleet, cobblestone and   stuffing the bag full of jumpers at 6am before it is mercilessly shoved into the bus’s hold. Both our Lojel Cubo’s stood   up to these tests and passed with flying colours! 

My Wife and I bought a pair of medium Burgundy Red Lojel Cubo hard-side bags about 12 months ago and they   have been amazing for both business and holidaying (My bag has already travelled more than 50,000KM’s!). The   most recent adventure that the Lojel Cubo went on was a 30 day trip in Europe including a 20 day Top Deck bus   tour in the middle of winter. 

What is the best suitcase for travelling around Europe?

What is the best suitcase for travelling around Europe? 

When you are 21, you traversed Europe dragging your duffel bag across the cobblestones and up and down the subway stairs. Now you are 51, what is the best luggage to take to Europe now? Think practically, and purchase a humble medium sized soft-side suitcase....

Walk On, Walk Off


You will be amazed and overjoyed to discover how you can fly interstate for the weekend or for the week and never visit the baggage Check-In or the baggage carousel. It is actually liberating, and even exhilarating, to "walk on, walk off' aeroplane flights, with only a cabin bag.


Which Wheeled Duffle Is Best? - 2018 Update


A wheeled duffle bag is an extremely flexible and durable piece of luggage, and meets the needs of many travellers.  Whether you are off on a school camp (Euston) or off to Nepal (Fast Track) there is a wheeled duffle to suit you.

American Tourister Review

American tourister and christiano ronaldo curio ad


2018 is all excitement and colour

World Cup football, the great Christiano Ronaldo and American Tourister! Now that is exciting! (Check it out here!)and the "colour" is obvious with the brilliant yellow American Tourister Curio that Ronaldo is hugging, as well as the other young vibrant colours of the American Tourister ranges, like Applite 3.0 and Bon Air Deluxe!

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